Paveprime Ltd

Paveprime was formed in 1989 to provide specialist computing services, initially in the fields of electrical engineering and social services.  The Heritage Division was formed in 1991, headed by Stephen Stead.  Stephen was previously Head of Computer Services at English Heritage and at the Scottish Urban Archaeological Trust.  The Heritage Division services organisations and individuals in the heritage sector, particularly archaeological units, Sites and Monuments Records (SMRs), museums, libraries and university departments as well as national bodies.  Customers include English Heritage, the Royal Commission for Historic Monuments of England, University of Leicester and Southampton City Council.  The Division provides systems analysis and design, implementation of database systems in a number of environments including Oracle, Access and Xbase, data conversion, and installation, tuning and fault-finding.

 In January 2000, the company expanded its range of expertise when it opened a new Quality Assurance Division, initially specialising in the further and higher education sectors.  This dovetails neatly with the Heritage Division’s continuing interests in training and development, where customers include EMC and Warwickshire County Council.   

 From 1997 until 2000, Paveprime completed major contracts with Data General, providing a range of pan-European logistics, benchmarking, demonstration and sales support functions.  This provided the opportunity for cross-fertilisation between the commercial sector and the heritage arena.  For example: a presentation on data warehousing was made to the Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference in Dublin in 1999. 

Since August 2000 Paveprime has provided a range of training and training support functions to EMC and more recently Pillar Data Systems. This include training internal, partner and customer students in a range of software and hardware platforms and integration between them. We have also provided a full range of lab administration and support functions, including hardware and software supply, maintenance, installation, reconfiguration and out of hours support.

 On behalf of Paveprime, Stephen Stead has been active in a number of standards initiatives.  These include the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (ISO21127), Sites and Monuments Records standards in the UK, the CIDOC Archaeological Sites Inventory Standard and the British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography.